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Application of Reinforcement Learning on our financial systems

Describing existing machine learning framework for our financial system

The current model is based on supervised-based learning where the typical workflow can be represented as data collection, model training, trading policy, backtesting, and live testing. The live data is bought from sources like Quandl and AlphaVintage which is then split into training, testing, and validation which is…

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Understanding agents,multi-agents, and cooperation among multi-agents


Russell and Norvig [1] state agents as anything that can perceive the environment through sensors and act upon it using its actuators. Macal [2] describes agents as objects with characteristics such as identifiable — as a discrete individual that govern decision-making capacity, located — settled in an…

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High-frequency algorithmic trading (HFT) has seen immense growth in the last decade due to the availability of mature machine learning algorithms and computing power. The availability of labeled data prescribing outputs to inputs made it possible to create a supervised approach to this complex problem for buying, selling, or holding…

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In this article, we will go through steps to install Apache Spark on windows and test a word counting code on Intellij/Eclipse using maven dependencies. The steps are as follows:

  1. Download spark 2.3.4 bin hadoop2.7.tgz (Spark 2.3.4) from this link
    This is pre-built for Hadoop 2.7, …

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The article by Helen Nissenbaum penetrates the data-hungry world where information is the supreme currency. Tech giants are ready to take extreme measures to collect their user’s data in the name of competition causing a serious breach of data protection. The lenient working of governmental bodies has failed as pointed…

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The article by M. Ryan Calo explores some innovative new ways to deliver privacy notices rather than the traditional text and symbol notices. One of the methods discussed is the continuous alert and track mechanism, where users will be updated with warnings and suggestions regarding privacy concerns. In this modern…

RRI is a framework that keeps a track of the 4’Ps Process, Product, Purpose, and People so that any innovation is ethically, socially, and politically correct. It seems to be the need of the hour but on the other hand, extensive involvement of this framework can create barriers to new…

In this article, we will set up Nginx. The operating system used is Mac OS Mojave Version 10.14.5.

Nginx is basically a web server, which can be used as a load balancer, reverse proxy, HTTP Cache, etc. You can read this article to have an overview:

First, let us…

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"What is the most efficient way to implement a shuffle function in a music player to play random songs without repetition"

We have to design a music player with the following functionalities:

  1. Add a song to the music player.
  2. Play a random song from music player such those same songs…

Both promises to improve efficiency and sits in between client and server. They nearly looks same when we try to understand them, but still their functionality differs.

Load balancing : Is a hardware or a software unit that distributes the total load on a website by distributing it to multiple…

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